The Nine Orders: Peacekeeper Chronicles
Dreams are meant to live, let them be free and the soul will follow!!
The Nine Orders are here!!!


 One regular Halloween night like any other is abruptly disrupted by an invading force that no human has ever encountered. Millions of people murdered or taken away in just one night. What is attacking them is beyond their wildest imagination. With no clue of what is happening, Adrian finds himself in a quest for answers. Along with him is Clayton, his best friend for over 14 years. 

 As their journey begins, they struggle for survival against demon-like creatures. Unaware of the extent of the attack, they find themselves in the middle of a conflict of epic proportions. With humans facing extinction, could they find out the answers or are the answers beyond their human comprehension? 

 Able to fend off things they were never trained to in their respective fields, Adrian and Clayton will have to race against time and find their inner strength... the strength that will make them more than human. 

 The story I bring to you is an exciting and suspenseful adventure into an imaginary world in which our worst nightmare becomes reality. Many times we question how alone can we be in the Universe and what would the consequences of an alien encounter bring to our society. I bring you The Nine Orders: Peacekeeper Chronicles. Here humankind might not make it out alive.

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